Oct 16, 2008

Basic MakeUp Series II : Preparing the Canvas

Hey girls.. this is part II of the basic makeup series..
Today we are going to share about preparing your face before you apply all the colours in 4 easy steps
1. Moisturizer/Cream/Lotion
2. Concealer

3. Foundation
4. 2 Way Cake/Pressed Powder/Loose Powder

You can do the concealer first before the foundation or vice versa.
If you are just going to the market and then going back home, you can omit foundation for a light makeup.

Make Up Store Matt Foundation..for normal and oily skin
For dry skin, use liquid foundation

Make Up Store Concealer - Cover All Mix
Yellowish - Cover red areas (pimples, nose, chin)
Reddish - Cover blue areas (eyebags, moles, bumps)
Neutral (any other categories that don't fit)

Make Up Store Dual Foundation
I SUPER LOVE THIS PRODUCT--- the smoothest powder EVER. EVER. EVER.
I keep touching my face after i used this powder. OMG.. heaven.

For today's tutorial, we are going to use Make Up Store's products.. Their products are very good in the sense that they focus on the cosmetic quality more than the packaging and advertisements.
Their products is also medicinal and skin safe... ranging from a broad spectrum of colours from skin care, body care to cosmetics to tools.

Once you are done with these steps.. you have a clean and flawless face, ready to take on any colours for your cheeks, eyes and brows.

Here is the tutorial!

Coming Soon : How to apply eyeshadow the right way