Oct 14, 2008


There were some comments and questions about why Blushberry have such a massive sales this week.. Well.. here is the explanation..

Remember when we first started we said that we wanted to organize an event?
and remember we said we provide service for free to you girls?
we did not actually said that we dun wanna do sales..

the thing is.. since we are a non-profit organization.. the event has to have sponsors.
and sponsors do not write checks to personal bank accounts... they only write into company accounts to avoid fraud...

so we had to
1. list BlushBerry as a company - it takes $$$
2. open a company current account - it takes $$$ 2000 to be exact

Hence the sales..we cannot depend solely on the Google Ads income to support our petrol..meetups with cosmetic lines..especially our monthly freebie to you girls..

so apart from doing articles we have been running around EVERYWHERE other than doing sales in Bb to earn some cash to open that current account..

So far we are already collaborating with Make Up Store.. which is fantastic.. There are going to be stuff coming in soon in collaboration with them..

we did not mention this before because we wanted you girls to buy the stuff if you REALLY wanted to... not because yall wanna help us make the 2k..

While we had fun days doing posts and helping you girls out.. we also had rainy days when everything we planned is lagging behind due to insufficient funds..but we never gave up you know!

but since some of you had asked.. we might as well make it clear why the sudden flood of sales.

We know that some of yall are skeptical and afraid that we might suddenly transform into a cash cow overnight but we hope that our reasons here is sound enough for you girls.

I bet some of you are wondering.. what is the event all about??
Well.. we can't actually say because we wanted it to be a surprise.. but the thing is.. it will be a first timer in Malaysia (eg: first big cake in Malaysia.. first man to go to the moon etcetc) That is why we are so excited and enthusiastic about the event and we really want to make it happen.. well.. obviously it is going to benefit YALL more than us.

So for those who dislike the bash... please bear with us... we are coming back with tutorials asap.. We thank you for your support all these while :D

So if you are interested in helping out. just check out our Bash! to see if there is any items you like.. ok?

Much Love and Thankies..