Sep 15, 2008

Tips to Enhance your Nose Bridge

Having trouble with your nose?
Running out of ideas on how to improve and make it look better?

Here's a few tips on how to enhance your nose bridge.

Ingredients for camouflage:

  • Matt Strip Foundation
  • Bronzer
  • Highlight powder

For ladies who have long nose, paint the tip of your nose using 1 to 2 skin tone darker with the Matt Strip Foundation. This will create a camouflage that will not make your nose stand out so much.

For those who have broad nose, apply the bronzer on both sides of your nose and apply your blusher at a higher position near your eyes. This will create an effect which will make your nose look slimmer.

For those who have crooked nose, apply highlight powder to lengthened your nose after that apply the bronzing powder on the both sides of your nose. This will create a camouflage which will make your nose look longer and straighter. Those who has a short nose, you can apply this method as well.

Well ladies, try it out now!