Sep 8, 2008

Single Eyelid Makeup Tutorial

A short announcement before we begin... the reason why we feature makeup artists is not because we lack the expertise to teach you ourselves, it is because we are waiting for the right moment to launch our own video tutorials.

In our tutorials, you will learn :

1. Products you need before you learn makeup
2. Preparations before you makeup
3. Canvas : Preparing your foundation base
4. Heart : Eye makeup introduction
5. Heart : Basic Nude eye makeup
6. Blood : Cheeks Blush
7. Oxygen : Lips colour introduction
8. Oxygen : Lips colour
9. Beauty : Enhance what you have

posts after that will be basic looks, but you will already have the foundation to start creating your own basic looks. Then we will go into intermediate looks and finally, be your very own make up artist when you learn our advanced looks.

This is all but a prelude to what we offer.. After all, we are one group of experts, letting you explore more couldn't hurt.. :)

  • For single eye lid asian women, we tend to find make up more difficult. Either they make our eyes look bad or simply put, WE WANT DOUBLE EYELIDS!!!!
  • Here is a selection of looks that you can do if you have double eyelids : most just require an eyeliner or the simplest pallete of smoky eyeshadow and your best tool :mascara.

    Why hate it? Enhance it!

    Use your single eyelids as an advantage over the double lidded, you can achieve this look easily.

    Mascara is your best friend

    This is a very good example how just a good mascara and a good eyelash curler can help your single eyelids look better
    Good mascara - clinique high definition (read the classic make up tutorial for more info on that)
    Good Eyelash Curler - Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler ( THE eyelash curler for make up artists, the quality of a curler lies in their rubber. You will get amazing curls with this)

Smoky eyes for single eyelids

Its subtle, I'll explain why as you continue reading..This is the look you want to achieve when you are going out for an event or a dinner at night.

Dramatic make up for single eyelids

Why dramatic? compare the 2 videos above, the smoky only encompasses your creases + blended up a lil.
This one encompasses right UP to your browbone.
For the confident and the bold.
If you use a softer pallete, you can soften this look as well.

Getting double eyelids : last resort for single eyelids

Here is how she creates her eyelids using eyelid glue.

Hope this help you girls out there...