Sep 8, 2008

Daily Hot Babe : Britney Spears

  • I know I know..
  • We swear we have a good reason.. hear us out..

  • Maybe you hated her when she first started.. teen star, pop songs, maybe you secretly LIKED her.. maybe you loved her then. (past tense..)

  • We are the spectators of her troubled life as we watch society and the entertainment industry eats her away...
  • Plastic surgery, failed marriage, bad mother, bad fashion sense, traumas, drugs.. bla bla

  • All the car accidents, driving with a baby in the front seat, rudeness, her bad British accent thingie she had going on..
  • Can it really be helped that you get into accidents when you are in a situation like this?

  • Would you rather bang a crowd of humans or something solid, if you are driving.

  • A moving car, and people are still raping her privacy.
    What kind of world is that?

    If your car got swarmed by this big a crowd, would you put your baby at the back or by your body as a mother who is panicking and just after a bad divorce.
    We see only photos of her, but do we see HOW MANY are taking photos of her during her nip slip, her bad tantrums, etc

    Somehow when she is being tortured like that, whether we like her or not : we want her to overcome all this and pull through.
    Enough is enough.

    With hundreds n thousands of people waiting for you to fail, to cause a scene..
    What can you do?

She finally cleaned up her act.
Britney Spears is finally back.
She won 3 awards at the MTV Video Music Awards.
This is hot news right off the oven.

More proof?

Video: Britney's Back!
her latest leaked rehearsal for some song.

Welcome back Britney, we miss you. (and your drama and your um.. songs?)
nevertheless, congrats.