Sep 7, 2008

Online Boutique : Perfectly Imperfect Couture

  • Girls looking to buy taiwan imported clothes from Singapore now have a chance!
  • Malaysians can also buy from her online boutique.. it is not limited regionly.
  • Perfectly Imperfect Couture a new online boutique and is currently based in Singapore.
  • It was started by Joanne-Marie, an individualist, animal-lover, idealist, and all-round princessy-rebel-with-a-cause. She strongly believes that there is more than one-side to a person, and that one shouldn't limit oneself to looking like how one 'should look'.

  • Having started her blogshop recently mainly as a hobby, she has spent tons of effort in ensuring that her buyers have a pleasant shopping experience. This, by updating her collections as often as possible, scouring the internet, streets, and malls for more unique items, and also, by going through the trouble of looking for items specifically requested by her customers! Of course, she can't do this for everyone, but if you're nice enough, who knows?

  • The point is, the stuff she has in her shop really does reflect all the different sides of a person, and one can go from being a Hip-hop Queen to a Preppy School-girl to a Princess of Romance. Simply put, there is something for everyone! Even the guys!

  • Joanne-Marie needs your support to keep her project aimed towards a "Better-Dressed-Singapore" going. Drop on by, and who knows? You may find yourself caught within a whirlwind of "yous" you never knew.

They even have accessories!

Check the boutique out at Perfectly Imperfect Couture