Sep 6, 2008

How to Pose in a Bikini

  • I am sure you girls have seen pictures and photos of supermodels in bikinis. They always seemed to have the perfect S shape. The hourglass that is coveted by us all. It is not about their natural body curves, 70% lies in the posing itself.
  • If you can master these techniques, regardless of what body you have : you can easily get a few praises from your friends telling you that your body looks great!!

  • Here are the do's and don'ts : The perfect guide to be able to pose like a supermodel in a bikini.

RULE 2 : NEVER SLOUCH! (nipple slips are the main reason why)

The Perfect S- Shape
If you strike a basic pose like on the left, it only shows your natural body curves. If you are flat, you'll look flat and if you are curvy then good for you!
The correct method is in the right photo, push your pelvis ALL the way(and I mean beyond your pain threshold) to one side and your upper part of your body to the other.
Cross your legs together to get the PERFECT hourglass shape!
You can see that the body now looks slimmer, more shapely and sexy.
Practice in front of the mirror, you can apply this technique also if you are wearing tight fitting clothes!
You will feel very uncomfortable with this pose but this is the general method of doing this pose.
Trust me, models feel uncomfortable posing like this but the results are va-va voom!
Posing is not an easy task, that's why models get paid for it!

Side Pose

Do not slouch! Take notice of how you place your hands and legs!
If you slouch, your tummy looks bigger and your breasts droops too.
The correct way is to jut out your backside as far as you can while pushing your chest forward.
Place your legs in a criss cross position to give more shape to the composition.
Your hands are very important here.. if you relax your hands, your body will be covered and your beautiful pose won't be seen at all!

...... you can if you want to look like a porn star.
Keep a cool expression, style is more important than sex-suggestive poses.
Caution :*Your men may not agree here due to the diet that they have :)*
If you want to smile, a hint of the tiniest smile is ok.

Do not show your armpits. Its unladylike.
If you must show your armpit, turn away from the camera. Your hands may be raised but the armpits are hidden from the camera view point!
Did I mention that you have to suck in your breath?

I Have a Tummy. Help!
It helps if you don't slouch. Keeping your breath in can only take you so far.
The correct way is to bend forward and keep your lower part of the body back while sucking in your stomach!
You have to work extra hard if your tummy is bigger than your chest.

Sitting Pose
If you cross your legs or keep your legs side by side, there is no helping when the camera catches the full size of your thigh which is even bigger when squashed by the chair!
I find that no matter where you turn in that pose, the camera is sure to capture you full thigh size.
The correct way is to sit at the FAR END of the chair, so that no thigh gets squashed by the chair and raise your leg like in the right picture.
This can be applied if you are in short pants too, basically any pose that exposes your thigh.

I am Shy. Help!
If you are shy, you'll tend to hide your body by slouching and leaning forward like in the left photo. Don't do that, it squashes your tummy and exposes more of your chest!
The correct way is to suggestively touch other part of your body(face, neck, arms, legs, hands etc) with the purpose of covering your body up!
It exposes less and its more stylo!

I hope this helps!

Coming up:How to Pose when You are Short!