Sep 3, 2008

Make up Tutorials : LindseySomething

  • Time for our make up artist review!
  • Today we are featuring LindseySomething from Youtube again... they have so many make up artists there that are so much more approachable you know.
  • While looking through her tutorials online,her colour pallete are very "zappy" is that is the word. Her pallete mostly ranges from cyan to magenta.. rarely straying away from them.
  • very peacock-ish ya..
  • here is Lindsey with amazing highlights on her hair! I love chunky highlights with lowlights underneath them like that. I saw a tutorial teaching us how to get this kinda look.
    Let me show it before we go into LindseySomething's tutorials aight?

a random tutorial...

In Malaysia you can buy hair extensions for RM 20 a piece.. around the width of the content here.. in Dalun Trading.. there are 2 outlets.. one in Leisure Mall Cheras and one in Time Square.
They are real hair and you can dye or curl or straighten them or cut them to however you want it..
I will post some hair extensions videos soon.. so wait for it!

If you are not from Malaysia you can get them here..

  • Back to our topic, LindseySomething tutorials are something like a slideshow of photographs and instructions but we look her make up looks and her eyes is so beautiful...

    Funky Arabic Look
Sparkly Smoky Eye Look

A Lovely Prom Look

we personally love this one.. a peacock eye look..

she has dedicated one of her videos to her subscribers and we just love the pallete for this make up!

Visit Lindsey at her youtube channel!