Sep 3, 2008

Daily Hot Babe : Stephenie Meyer

  • Who is she? Stephenie Meyer is the author of the Twilight series. The Twilight book 1 is being made into a movie which will premier in December!
  • Books she has written : Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, Breaking Dawn and The Host
  • Twilight series : Twilight is about Bella, a plain jane who has moved into a new neighborhood and a new school only to find a group of insanely good looking schoolmates there among the other averages. They are actually vampires.. and to them, Bella smelled exceptionally good......

  • Latest Book : Breaking Dawn is on the shelfs now! It is the final book of the Twilight series and we finally get to see whether Bella is going to be a vampire for Edward's sake!

  • Latest News : As some of you might have heard, Stephenie had already started on Midnight Sun, which is the same story retold in Edward's point of view. The draft was leaked to the internet and Stephenie put the whole novel on hold. We personally only read the LEGAL draft in her website which is breathtaking and ... ahem.. more interesting than Bella's point of view.

    Movie News : Twilight will premier in December this year, we can't wait!! There are a few videos which is out already..You girls may find the guy familiar.. He is none other than the SAME ACTOR who played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies. His name is Robert Pattinson.. and Bella is played by Kristin Stewart who is an amazing child actor back then.. Remember Panic Room? She is the little girl acting alongside Jodie Foster!

  • Check out more about this movie at the official Twilight website.
  • Enjoy the teasers and trailers that we have found for you!




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