Sep 3, 2008

Great tips for wearing bikini!

  • So you are going to the beach or taking a dip in the pool..
  • Here is the news : if you still have a one-piece swimsuit in your wardrobe THROW IT AWAY!
  • We all wear bikinis nowadays.. regardless of our size. ahem.
  • Bikinis are great. They are not only for swimming.. you can wear them when you go shopping as a replacement for your bra. Their design is nicer and you wouldn't mind showing them off.
    If you have a low cut top or dress, bikinis are great if you don't want to reveal too much. If you wear a bra instead, well showing your bra top is weird right.. a bikini is totally glamorous and better compared to a bra.

  • You should have at least 3 or 4 bikinis.. 2 for swimming and the other 2 for outings.. Try those shiny ones for outings.. Silver is a good colour, they are easy to pair up with clothes!

    Swimming bikini tips!
  • You should get these kind... instead of the string-straps kind.. these kind provides more support for your body, especially if you are well endowed. :)

  • Your shoulder straps shouldn't be too tight.. but they should be thick enough to provide your breasts the lift they needed.

  • If you are feeling squeezed by the straps, you need to make them looser

  • One important thing : move your hands around.. kick your legs.. will your bikini suddenly expose your breasts/nipples/ private parts? if they do they are either too loose or getting too old to be worn.. REMEMBER TO CHECK THIS FREQUENTLY.

  • One scary thought is if you JUMP WITH A SPLASH INTO THE POOL, will your bikini bra rise above your breasts, thus exposing them?? MAKE SURE THEY ARE TIGHT!!!

    Try adding accessories to your bikini that spans right down to your undies. They give the impression that you are taller!

    Going to the beach? Pair your bikinis with wooden high heels and a colourful beach bag to complete the look!

    A tip on how towels can be worn as a makeshift clothing using a belt.

Party Bikinis
Look for the fancy straps one... those that you don't mind or can't wait to show them off!

They look something like this.. Great for pairing with party outfits

We love this one!!

Comes in yellow too!

The straps are really fancy and nice.. Show them off!

If you like the party bras/bikini you can purchase them here
Malaysians only.. sorry....
They are dirt cheap.. RM 29 for the items above I think...