Sep 10, 2008

French Nails tutorial

This is our very first nails tutorial!
If you notice, there are alot of tutorials this week.. that is because we are trying to introduce all the good tutorials before we fall into our amazing new schedule next week.
Its a surprise.. I will announce the schedule later this week!

French Nails.
What are french nails, french nails is a mock up of our natural nails without the moon.
The first layer is always a pinkish base layer similar to our nail color
The second layer is the white tip that covers our nail growth. (The white tip hides dirt, yellow nails, unhealthy nails and exaggerate the contrast of our nail components)

A tropical french nails is the same concept but using a variety of colours instead of matching to our natural nail colours

It is so hard to get a perfect finishing for your french nails without sticker guides..
Even if you can, can you do your right hand with your left?

If you can do this... We applaud you.
This is a result of alot of practice and experience. If you have shaky hands.. haha.. its best you dont try this.
Basically what happened in the video is she painted her white tips using just the nail polish brush.

But basically, the majority of us is at this level.
We rely on sticker guides to get the perfect french nails..

But what if we can't apply either techniques.
You can try this instead

Sorry bout the video not showing up here.. The user has disabled embedding..
but what she did was she roughly painted her white tips.
then she used a brush, dip it in nail remover and rub away all the mistakes.
Cleaning up her white tips.
This is easier to do as we get to control the white tip depth.

If you have very short nails but still want to try a french manicure, you can watch this.
She painted her SKIN with white polish, then edged her nails into the polish to get the white tip which is thin and perfect.

Try your hand in french manicure today, it is not as difficult as you think it is after seeing all the creative ways you girls can paint your white tip with.