Dec 28, 2009

An Evening Out with Ciki

I recently wrapped a wordpress design job for You can view the Ciki and I decided to go out for a dinner to celebrate since her husband, Josen was out of town. I was late for an hour due to the horrendous traffic in Bukit Bintang. And what's worse is that I had stomachache while driving and my gear shift choked a few times. There were many drivers around me and I bet they were thinking I went nuts or something.

Ciki went to drink at Japanese bar nearby first while waiting for me. After I arrived, she announced that we will be going to a new restaurant just at the back of Changkat Bukit Bintang. I was like, "So, this is how food blogger operates.... lol.

We reached Albion to be greeted by the most unusual greeting.

"I am sorry mam but we are not open today. This is our first day. We do have a limited menu but there are no prices yet. Please feel free to pay any amount that you think the food is worth."

We began chatting and chatting up to the point where we conveniently forgot bout the time or the priceless food. Ciki gave me a cute souvenir from London. Sob T_T I never had anything from London before, so touched. Life is wonderful. I brought my Nikon SLR to do some shooting and try to get into the character of a food blogger.

Its not easy, I tell you. First, you have to scout for new restaurants that other food bloggers have not reviewed. Note down the address and name of the restaurant. Once the food arrive, you must not eat. You must first, take photographs of the food. It goes against human nature. You know you did a good job when you upload the photos, you feel hungry just by looking at the food.

What wonderful dishes, delicately arranged. The tough part is eating the food. It is like writing on a brand new leather bound notebook that costs a few hundred bucks. Its a waste to eat it, its just too good.

When we were ready to leave, we signaled to pay. Ciki wanted to pay with card but to our amazement, they do not yet have their credit card payment system installed. The dinner is free. 0_0 We just have to take a photo with the nice owner after that. They started charging the Tuesday after that.

Since the dinner was free, we were feeling unusually rich and pampered. We dropped by the Japanese bar again for drinks. Plum wine!! It is awesome (impossible to get drunk by it though). We also had this new experimental drink called the Pink Geisha. That tastes marvellous.
I shall put in the name of the restaurant(I know, I fail as a food blogger.) when I get it from Ciki.

This was the souvenir that Ciki gave me, it is dearly wrapped in a pouch to protect the necklace. It also has an 'A' initial. I wonder what does it stands for, maybe its my grade for my performance as a blog designer. :)

This is the necklace inside, a quaint vintage necklace. (No, its not a locket.. everyone that saw this tried to open it) I am so happy and proud of this! Thank you Ciki!! Muaxx.

Anyway, this post will go into my version 2. Tutorials will be coming back up by the launch of my version 2. I had just finished filling up my portfolio, next is the blog and shop section. After the launch of my v2, this blog will still be here. There will be news updates that link to the v2 but there will not be any text content for the upcoming posts here.