Nov 30, 2009

Christmas is coming!!

You want sales?
Everybody love sales!

Blushberry version 2 is coming along nicely.. The design is done, coding now.. then comes new content and everything..It will be launched on my birthday January 6th 2009. There will be launch competitions and maybe an event. hint* hint*

I might not be transferring the posts here to there. Do you guys think I should transfer? Those who subscribed to my rss might be getting weird posts. those are test posts on my new blog. don't be freaked out k.

I'll fix my blog tonight. the one ur viewing now i know it floods down. sorry bout that it hurts my eyes so much i can't blog in this anymore. hence v2.

Enjoy the sales meanwhile. I m looking for a photographer. if i can't get one who is willing to be my friend n photog for free (maybe free meals) i'll be doing video makeup tutorials from v2 onwards. gimme an email if you are interested.


I found my photographer!! Thanks Isabel!!