Oct 8, 2009

Maybelline Simply Fabulous : Freebies Contest !!

Here is your last chance of winning the contest girls!!!
Post a comment containing all the names of the 10 finalists and who is your favourite contestant and WHY.
Above 18 only!
Include your :
a) Full name (As per IC)
b) IC No
c) Mobile No
d) Mailing Address

Contest ends Saturday 10th midnight 0.00am!

The grand finale will be held at:
Venue : Euphoria, Ministry of Sound, Sunway Date : 14 Oct 2009 Time : 6.30 pm

1st Prize : RM 100 worth of Maybelline products + 2 passes to Grand Finale – Fruity Jelly RM12.90, Angel Fit Liquid (Tube) RM24.90, Unstoppable Eye Liner RM15.90, Eye Studio Quad Eyeshadow RM29.90, Impact Express Shadow Pen RM22.90

2nd Prize : RM 80 worth of Maybelline products + 2 passes to Grand Finale
– Fruity Jelly, Angel Fit Liquid (Tube), Unstoppable Eye Liner, Eye Studio Quad Eyeshadow

3rd Prize : RM 50 worth of Maybelline products + 2 passes to Grand Finale
– Fruity Jelly, Angel Fit Liquid (Tube), Unstoppable Eye Liner

I went to the 3rd shoot of the girls... What an amazing event!! They were all glammed up and they matured so much after the first shoot.
They were really tired and sleepy though.. non stop shooting the whole day.
Nurdiana looking fab in her perfectly lined eyes.
Dammnit. I need to perfect my cat eye makeup skills!

Zhareen posing with her globe while waiting for her shoot.Here she is taking a nap...Everybody was quite moody that day..
Naps and black faces everywhere.. *scary*

Kimberley in makeup. I think she looks better without them. They make her look overdone.. don't you think?

Jessica, Erin and Me! The bloggers!!
You know what Erin did when she saw me.. I am so not lying.. She look at my chest then up to my face then she left.
And later when I introduced myself as Haze from Blushberry. She went like... Blushberry?
Haze? But but.. the Haze from Blushberry is VOLUPTOUS.

Hello. I lost weight.
I still haven't gain them back.
And I lost 2 cup sizes ok.

This is Kit Mun the photographer.. He shot me once before for Cleo magazine back in the olden days.. Nope I wasn't a model for Cleo. I won a design competition. 2nd runner's up in the Shu Uemura Design competition and he shot me for the winner's page.
There! My 2 inches of fame.

Bloggers + Finalists gone haywire!!

Who is hiding behind the mask... hehehe...

Group pics!!!

Anyway I went there in time to see Steffanie cry.. why? cuz of him. Steven Sunny. If you do not know him, he is a stylist/hairstylist/makeup artist.
He is gay.
He is mean.
He is professional.
He tears models up and down and break them into tears.
According to Steffanie, he said that the way she posed is too sexy... and makes her look like a ....

sigh.. poor girl.

Preeta, my fave contestant!!

Calista giving a fierce pose!

Once again, the contest ends at 12 am Saturday!!
Comment away!!!