Sep 25, 2009



I stopped the sales for CS 88 and 78.. cuz :
1. quality dropped
2. damages during postal
3. bad stock

I just went to my suppliers.. and the good old ones where the quality is good and intact are in stock!!!

So I am gonna take in 15 orders only cuz I am really busy now.
I know alot of you emailed me for CS.. and i din reply... cuz they were out of stock n the quality is really bad..
but they are for sale now.

I only have matte Coastal Scents. No shimmer. Don't ask me for them k...

Drop a comment with your email in it if you are interested and I will email you the payment details.

** I will ship out the palletes once orders reach 15..

edit :
1. Vanessa Tan - 88-delivered
2. Shariffah Hazariah Jap - 88-delivered
3. Fiza- 88-delivered
4. Fiqa - 88
5. denise hooi - 78 -delivered
6. loh siew mun -delivered
9. sabrina -delivered
10. kimberly - delivered
*I am not the kinda that chase after payment, your name will appear here after payment is made.
I am currently tranferring all posts to my new website, posts will be abit slow :)