Mar 31, 2009

Oiiiii.... Don't lah..

Ok.. For those buyers that are purchasing lashes/hair products, your products will be mailed tomorrow.
For the others who bought the 88 or 78.. I will send yall a notification once the stock are in..

Why am I saying this?
cuz I have over 40 orders... and I know yall are worried ..thus sending me emails asking me to confirm payment etc..

I am sorry I did not reply each and everyone of you.. my inbox is really flooded during this promotion.
Usually once I get the payment, I seldom reply unless you forgot to give me your address and phone number or the payment did not go thru.
So silence is golden!
Once I deliver the items, I usually smsed each and every one so that you can anticipate the goods unless you did not provide your number.

but the promotion ended once you read this post. for those who have emailed me but yet to bank in.. the promotion is still valid. for those who haven't... so sorry...

Thank you all for being so receptive during this promotion!

I will be going abroad from Thursday til Saturday stocking up on clothes for my online boutique launch.

You can be the first one to catch my boutique this Sunday at:
Pop! the bazaar @ KL Sunday Market (5th April 2009)
It will be at capsquare, same place as my fashion show. Come ya!

Anyway.. I am gonna start doing hairstyling tutorials after the fashion show.. my hair is longer now and I can do more stuff with it!
So if you have shoulder length hair or longer, you might be able to learn :
1. how to curl your hair in various styles
2. how to puff up your hair
3. braiding and hairdos
4. straightening + crimping.

You don't need to rush off and buy all the hairstyling tools.. I used to use chopsticks and a straightener to afro my hair.. so you can expect stuff to be pretty wild and creative.

I also bought a whole manicure set.. havent even open it yet.. been too busy... but I can't wait to try them out!