Feb 2, 2009

Rihanna Inspired MakeUp

Hey all.. here is my very half assed attempt to get rihanna's look!

Brows should be light and arching upwards slightly.

I applied the shimmer base from Red Earth on my eyelids for a shimmery look.

I used Majorca Majolica's silver dust on the inner corner of my eye.

And shade 2 from my pigment pallete, you can use any pale yellow for this.
I apply it at the outer half of my eyelids.

I applied shade 66 right above the 2 colours by starting at the outer corner of my eye and blending upwards! You can also use any dark brown colour for this.

Finish off by dusting any light colour or shade 1 from your pigment pallete on your brow bone.

Line the inner corner of your eye and the first half of your lower lash line with white liner.

First, use a black eyepencil and line the inner lower lash line.
After that, use a liquid eyeliner and liner the top of your lash line and also the end of your lower lash line.

Finish off by applying glitter liner over your white liner.
Glam up your lashes with mascara and fake lashes.
I used feather lashes for this!

For the lips.. line the borders with nude or very light pink lip liner.
You can also use concealer for this step!

Apply a frosty pink lip gloss over your puckers! I used Stila Bubble Gum.. i think


Ask me why my lashes are falling off in the inner corner of my eye!
You know why.. cuz in Rihanna's photo, hers was also falling out.
HAHA. but mine wasn't intended... I didn't notice this in Photoshop.

My lashes is so long!!