Jan 5, 2009

Winner's Announcement!

Sorry bout the lack of posts last week.. I had fallen so very sick.
I had flu, fever and cough.. I slept through the week.
I am rejuvenated now!!!!!
and to make up for my lack of post last week.. this week I will have one post DAILY!

First of all, let me explain how the judging system works.
1. No copy pasting
2. The quantity of tips you gave counts
3. The quality of the tips you gave determines the result.
For example.. if you give 5 tips.. and 2 of them is good.. but another gave 4 tips.. and all 4 are good.. The one that gave 4 will win.

So even if you write like a meter long paragraph but only have 3 tips inside..you are in a disadvantage to those that write 5 sentences with 5 great tips!

As I was reading all the tips.. there are some that gave like 9 tips.. but only 1 is really really good.. I feel really bad eliminating those tips..

Those of you that didn't win.. Don't worry.. there are plenty of competitions coming up anyway...

Below are the winners and I will bold their tips out for yall to read!

Ok.. 3rd prize winner :
Li Wen said...


I think that before we start making up, the first thing we need to do is analyze our face (especially our eyes, because it's the window to the soul!), because make up is supposed to fix our flaws! :)


A must for me, is not the eyeliner nor the concealer, but my eyebrows o_o

Eyebrows basically determine the overall 'feel' or a certain characteristic to our look. It sort of like give life to our face, and enhance our eyes (and our stare) too. Just like how the shape and quality of eyebrows of characters in anime and cartoons works with their emotions and their personality! :)
If you have wide set eyes, you can shape your eyebrows more inwards to your inner corner of the eyes, while close set eyes do the opposite, shape it and fill it in until the outer corner of the eyes and lengthen it a little, so the eyes will look wider apart. But only if your natural brow shape allow! It does not work on everyone though.

Brow powder is good for sparse brows, and it's suitable for a less intense look or a lightly-shaded brow. But I personally use brow pencils to fill in my brows for I have thicker brows. Eyebrow pencil/powder color should match with our hair too, eg. black hair with black brows, brown hair with brown... but when we apply brow pencils/powder, remember to do it lightly so that the color is slightly lighter than our hair, or else it might turn out to be too intense or not natural. Always refer to our natural brow shape and follow or tweak the shape a little, but not too much.


Although black eyeliner really helps to widen our eyes, but for small eyes, single eyelids, hidden double eyelids or thin double eyelids, it's best to keep the line thin, so that it doesn't cover the thin (or hidden) double (or single) eyelids, or else it'll make the eyes appear smaller. :(

Black eyeliner is essential in defining the shape of the eye. For example, if the eyes are too wide apart from each other, we can line our eyes slightly thicker in the inner corner; while for close set eyes, we can line our eyes thicker and longer at the outer corner too, so that it helps to balance up the distance. It's only a suggestion, it might not work for everyone, because we have unique eyelids and eyes. :)

Yikes, sorry for the wall of text, I suck in summarizing. Have a wonderful day girls!

2nd prize winner :
Reena said...

Apply foundation and then concealer. By applying the foundation first, you see exactly where you still need more coverage.

When applying eyeliner:
Instead of stretching the side of the eyelid, use a cotton bud instead. Gently press the tube of the cotton bud onto the crease of the eyelid. This will stretch the eyelid without over stressing the skin. Stretching/pulling the side of the eyelid will cause premature wrinkles.
Also, when applying eyeliner, start from the middle of the eyelid and make your way to the side; this will help to determine the thickness of the eyeliner.
If you're felt like you woke up with your eyes extra small, grab a white eyeliner and draw a line on your waterline. This will cause your eyes to appear bigger and you look more awake.

When curling the eyelashes:
Always curl the eyelashes before applying mascara. The padding of the curler should be replaced time to time because it does and eventually wears out.
For stubborn eyelashes, if you don't want those heated eyelash curlers, heat the curler up by blasting it with the hairdryer, but not to hot! cause it might burn your skin in the process.

Get a good eyeshadow primer. This will help for the eyeshadow to stick on the eyelid and to prevent fall outs onto the face. Also, a good primer helps in making the colour more striking and more vibrant. If fall outs do happens, put a tissue underneath the eye when applying eyeshadow; so that fall out will land on the tissue and not on the face.
Use a lip liner. Smudge the liner and blend it with your fingers to make it look not so obvious before applying lipstick/lipgloss.

When using longlasting lipgloss:
Apply longlasting lipgoss products on dry lips and wait for the product to dry. Moist will cause the product to fade and it wont last that long. So for longer lasting lipgloss, apply on dry lips and wait for it to dry.

1st prize winner :
Ebb said...

this is tips i pickup from everywhere and proven to be a good result (to me at least):

dos and donts:

- try not to use a maybelline foundation to your skins. while it feels good to your face, you will end up looking oily and shiny half way after the make-up was put on.

- use a cream based foundation while you are on flight to anywhere. it won't accidentally spill like liquid based and won't dusty like powdered ones. let your face makeup free until 30 minutes before it landed on your destination.

- skincare : try nixoderm for your skin and dont put too much on the surface, just a light one. your red bumps will disappear in the morning. however it wont work for pimples that's already showing. it will give you less after effect than any other skin cream (such as large pores and sensitive skins).

- another skincare for blackheads : take the white part of the egg, take one layer of tissue , dab it in and put it layer by layer to the part that has pimples and blackheads until it looks like a mask. leave it to dry on your face and peel it off slowly. wash your face before and after and afterwards use a toner to close the open pores.

- never throw out your lip gloss, you can save a lot on almost finished lip gloss. put them in a mug, fill it with water. put them in a microwave and let it heat up for 3-4 minutes. take it out and you will see you have so many lip glosses left and you saved your money than keep buying new ones.


I will email the winners personally after this post is up.
Cherrios and thanks for sticking to this blog..