Jan 7, 2009

Makeup and Hairstyle based on Face Shape

Standard Face
Suits any type of hairstyle, makeup or brows.
Congratulations if you have this face shape!

Round Face
People with round faces looks cute and lovely with raised eyebrows and apple blushed cheeks.
Pair this with a soft, flirty hairstyle with a few hair-ends teased.
Always apply less makeup to the outer corner of your eyelids so that your face do not look bigger.

Square Face
If you have a square face, you will most likely succeed in interviews as your face shape projects integrity and intelligence.
For your hairstyle, you need more volume to balance the lack of roundness in your face structure.

Heart Shaped Face
Raise your eyebrows up just a little and curl the ends of your hair to give a very romantic look to yourself!
This face shape is very feminine and soft, if you are a corporate woman make sure you dress smart so that people take you seriously!

Long Rectangular Face
For this face.. you need thick brows, rough eyebrows suits you the best.
Think Keira Knightley.
Your hairstyle needs alot of volume to make up for your long face shape. Try not to leave your hair longer than your chin because it will elongate your face even more!

Long Triangular Face
If you have a face like this, you most likely project a very intelligent and hard-to-approach aura.
So make sure you do not wear any strong colored lipstick or you will chase all the men away from you!
Soften your look by dyeing your hair and giving your eyebrows a light, soft colour. Remember to pluck your eyebrows to be thinner than it already is.
Keep your lips sweet with gloss!

Oval Face
If you have this face, most probably strangers will be assuming that you are very well off and rich. Be careful not to wear too many accessories and makeup as this will make you look gaudy.
Go soft with your eyebrows and makeup.
Make sure your hairstyle is in the latest style, or you will look older than your real age as people always associate wealthiness with age.