Jan 27, 2009

Hair Bun with a Stick tutorial

Hihi.. here is a neat tutorial on using sticks to create hair buns!
You can use anything from chopstick, hair accessories, sticks, pens, pencils .. whatever that is long and thin. (sounds wrong haha)

Gather all your hair in a ponytail with your hand.

Twist your hair into a bun like so.
This is important.. your hair is like a thick string twisted into a bun, so there is a hole in the middle right?

Poke the stick from below and through the hole in the middle just like in the photo.

Reverse the stick to an upright position. If you are doing it right your hair should feel really tight.

Slide your stick all the way into your hair.

There. done!!
But if you are a first timer, you should redo your steps so that it is not so tight and its more comfortable for you.

Easy wasn't it?
It looks like this from the front.