Dec 13, 2008

Two Japanese DIY Hairstyles

1. Short Loose Ponytail
This is a very charming hairstyle, easy to style especially if you own a hair curler!

1. Curl the lower parts of your hair inwards.
2. Part your hair diagonally
3. Twist the top part with your fingers to curl them into a bunch!

4. Hold the top part with one hand. Twist the bottom half with the other hand.
5. Twist both bunches one time.
6. Secure with a fluffy band.

7. Drag some curls out of the bunch for a more messy look!
Done! Isn't that simple?

2. Bunched Piggy tails
Despite how it looks, the model actually have very long hair!
You can get a similar cap here!

1. Curl your hair outwards.
2. Come your fringe straight. Wear a muffin cap.

3. Backcomb the ends of your hair. Push them up.
4. Separate your hair into 2 bunches
5. Twist each of them into a bun. Pull some strands out
6. Pin into place!

Simple, isn't it!