Dec 8, 2008


If you all notice the links that we put up at our sidebar to your left, you will notice a link called nachofoto. Nachofoto is a image gallery web portal that is the next breakthrough in internet. It's gonna be as big as Youtube when it first started or even Digg!!

It is something like Flickr or Photobucket with a big EXTRA FEATURE. You can EARN money just by submitting your photos to NachoFoto!!
No payment needed. You can even embed photos that other people had submitted to your own blog or website, they already have an embedding code for your convenience!

Nachofoto will be HUGE in the next few months!! Make sure you are a part of their community when they hit the world!

Some of their cool accesories that you can embed in your blog!!

What is Nachofoto?
1. View cool and latest images on the web(Its like google, only for images!!)
2. Create your own image slideshows and galleries!!
3. Promote your site/blog
4. Earn your adsense revenue thru NachoFoto (Can it get any cooler??)
5. Submit images and earn money thru adsense! (They even have their own image submission software!

They just launched recently and they already have their own Firefox add on and also a Firefox Photoplugin!!! Coolness~~
Wanna earn money.. in USD just by submiting your photos to NachoFoto?
Start now!!! Click here!

BlushBerry will be available in NachoFoto oh-so-very-soon!