Dec 11, 2008

Cute Braids

A little update before we start hehe...
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Bohemian Style
Braid strands paired with fluffy soft hair.. oh so cute!!

Use colourful rubber bands to secure the braids in place.
Tie them in a zig zag fashion 2/3 way down your hair.

Step 1 : Braid random tiny chunks of your hair.
Step 2 : Hide all the bald areas by pinning the braid's roots together
Step 3 : BackComb the hair on top of your head.
Step 4. Use volumnious styling product to lift your hair for more volume. Try Osis Dust It Powder.

Braids with curls.. so bohemian.. so sweet.

Braided Ribbons
What a casual and easy way to look sweet!!
Try this!

1. Gather all your hair to your left.
2. Starting from the top of your head, french braid until you reach your ear
3. Secure the braid with a long ribbon.

4. Tie a butterfly knot.
5. Using the 2 ends of the ribbon, separate them together with your hair
6. Braid the rest of your hair together with the ribbon.
7. Once you reach the end, use another ribbon (short one) and tie another double knot to secure
8. Curl the ends of your hair.

Braids are so lovely, aren't they?
hairstyling braids sweet