Dec 3, 2008

5 Minute Makeup

Do you spend over 2 hours in front of the mirror before you leave your house every morning?
Now, spend only 5 minutes and still look fabulous!
Here is a makeup tutorial that you can easily follow in only 5 minutes!
Now, you can sleep for another 2 hours!

Cleanse your face and get ready!!

Use your foundation and apply evenly all over your skin.
Time needed : 1 minute 20 seconds!

Instead of using a concealer, use a skin brightening pump!
Give a few clicks and apply on your eye areas, nose and around your lips to instantly brighten your skin!
Time taken : 30 seconds

Set the base in using loose powder. Shake off the excess from the puff and lightly press them over your skin. Work it into your skin slowly, the longer you take to apply this the longer your makeup will stay for the rest of the day!
Time taken : 30 seconds

Apply mascara to your lashes after you curl them.
Time taken : 1 minutes 30 seconds

Lightly brush on a peach blusher on your cheeks.
Time taken : 1 minute 10 seconds

Fill in the sparse areas in your brows using a brow pallete.
Time taken : 10 seconds

Finish off by applying lip gloss!
Time taken : 20 seconds

You are done!
All it takes is 5 minutes!!