Nov 19, 2008

Mad Lashes and Brows

Sometimes I do not understand fashion.. like why designers bother to do haute couture when it is just all about showing off your skills.. its not like anyone else can wear them.. not everyone can understand them either!!!
but I guess when you are so immersed in the industry, being the top in the industry doesn't mean that people will actually wear your designs in life.

But that's fashion.

Makeup. They are doing it too. sigh.
MAC latest eyelash.. inspired by Sally Gordon..
(There is a reason why long lashes are often photographed with the model's eyes closed :
1. it looks better
2. the eyelashes are too heavy and they droop when you open your eyes)
Can you actually wear them out other than a photoshoot?

L'Officiel's brow design. double brow to be exact.
Double sigh.