Nov 26, 2008

Hair, Caps and Angels

I love Gemma Ward.. her elfin features is so doll like and ethereal..
Here she is in a print advertorial.. looking like an angel..

We stumbled upon a variety of cool caps in I am Fashion.

Knitted woolies are great!.. though its not practical here locally but they are thick enough to balance off the look that we wanna pull off, you can't do it with scarves of you'll risk looking as if your hair is receding.
Caps are all in the rage cuz its winter now.. but for locals who wanna have a taste of the winter fashion, not to worry.. we are here!

They somehow managed to merge neck scarf and a hood together.. it looks weird...
Unless the neck part extends slightly lower towards the shoulder.. it is definitely an item no one dares to wear.. well, unless it appears in Gossip Girls.

Sophia Costa cap.. What a creative way of adorning the cap with floral knitting!!
Easy to match the clothes that we have too!

Um... HAHA
I was saying that the neck should extend lower.. and here it is!!
and it still looks bad.
The reason is it resembles a Muslim Tudung and Muslim lives in well, tropical sunny countries.
So when the fashion is turned into a knitted woolie.. it looks off.
Turn it back into a scarf for the beaches, please.

Don't forget BlushBerry have some woolies for sale!

Cool Droop Beanie
The coolest beanie ever!
It has a fashionable droop at the back.. wear the over your fringe.. pull it over your ears as well!
Thats the way to go!
Imported from Taiwan.
RM 45

Pink Muffin Cap
A very versatile cap which you can direct the drooping of the cap itself.
Wear it loose for a 'artist' look!
Wear it slanted to one side for a sweet look!
RM 35