Nov 19, 2008

Free Makeup Workshop : Make Up Store

Girls.. those of you who wanna learn makeup.. and skincare from professionals..

Make Up Store is having a FREE workshop this Monday (24th November 2008)!
8 lucky girls will be given first class makeup lessons and tutorials by Make Up Store's trainer from Sweden, Ms. Emila Alvarez.

You will be taught all the proper skin care procedures and makeup techniques by one of the finest makeup artists flown in from Sweden!

This is NOT a contest.
Email us immediately, cuz it is on Monday starting from 3 pm in Pavilion.
First 8 to email us will be eligible for this workshop immediately.
You do not need to bring any makeup, they are provided.
First come first serve!
(ps.. we are inviting Cheesie from too!)

We need your name, email and phone number.

Current attendees:
1.Yee Yen Leng
2.Ngoi Pik Yie
3.Hannah Xavier
4.Trisha Heah Ming Lin
5. Julia Low Zi Yan
6. Crystal Gan Hui Keng
7. Dorothy Cheoy
8. Crystal Lai

-- FULL --