Nov 18, 2008

Cool new music videos!

Was browsing in Youtube when I found these masterpieces.. they are really good.. and entertaining too!!

Check them out yall!

A cover by Tamar on Apologize by One Republic
She won the best cover of Apologize in Youtube..
Its amazing..
There are some comments that said that her cover is even better than the original song itself.. wow.
I love her piano.. does anyone have the piano sheet that she is using?
I really love to have it.. T_T

Aj Rafael and Cathy Nguyen's Cover on Jason Mraz Duet with Colbie Caillat's Lucky
A very playful video.. but i love their duet.. they rhyme really well together.. Very cute too!!

Jennifer Chung's cover on Beyonce's If I Were a Boy
We have featured her before.. love her voice.. very natural and strong.. without a mic too.. I really really hope that she can make it big. Die Tila Tequila!!!

Lyss on Jason Mraz's I'm Yours
Wow. this video is like.. the biggest thing in youtube. haha.
couldn't resist.
Leona Lewis's cover on Snow Patrol's Run
I love love love this song.. ever since one of my mate performed it during one of my uni's events..
Still addicted to the song until now..
Leona Lewis's rendition is an angelic version of the song.. So very different..
hmm.. I think I like both equally?
haha...hope yall enjoy the videos..pure talent by ordinary people