Nov 11, 2008

Basic MakeUp Series VI : How to have kissable lips!

Last week, we talked about how to apply blusher to your cheeks.. if you missed it you can check it out at the table of contents above!

Today we are going to talk about apply makeup to our lips using:
1. Lipliner
2. Lipstick
3. Lipgloss

You do not have to use all 3.. but you can use just one or two.. it is all up to your preference.

Lipliner are good for plumping or making your lips seem smaller depending on where you draw them. If you draw them outside your lips, your lips will seem bigger... if you draw them inside your lipline.. then ur lips will seem smaller..
It is also good for people who have lips which is lopsided or misshapen.. you can correct them using the lipliner and concealer.

Lipstick are what it is.. it can be applied to your lips to create colour.. Just remember that your upper lips can be sometimes darker than your lower one and you need to cover the discoloration with lipliner and lipstick.

Lipgloss is the IN thing few years back.. everybody is using it. Glossy lips..
One bad thing is.. it is sticky.. our boyfriends hate it, our hair get stuck to it..
But we are all addicted to it.. it can make our lips juicier (looks juicier, feels sticky)
It is very important to buy a good brand.. all of them are sticky.. but there are some that are less sticky and is moisturizing to our lips.

For this tutorial we will use:
Lipliner : GUM

LipStick :Plumb

Scent LipGloss : RifRaf

Next up: How to contour your face