Oct 1, 2008

Photoshop Advance 1 : Enhancing Beauty

Hey yall,
I have prepared a video tutorial for this cuz it is too complicated to explain with photos..

Anyway..this tutorial is about how you can enhance your own beauty :
1. enlarge your eyes
2. change your face shape
3. make your mouth smaller or bigger
4. use photoshop to put on makeup
5. removing moles and pimples
6. whitening your teeth

basically, after this tutorial and some practice you can take up a photoshop freelance job for any magazine retouching photographs.. but not as drastic as today's tutorial ok!!
Ugly Betty

Glamour chick!
Changes : Glasses, eyebrow, hair colour, shirt colour, accessories, face shape, blusher, eye makeup, lips and braces

This is the original photo

After removal of glasses and braces

After face slimming and restructure
We slimmed down her nose, enlarged her eyes and made her mouth smaller too

After Skin Smoothing

After grooming eyebrows and whitening teeth

Then, we calm her straggy hair down, restructure her face again, gave her some light makeup
After removing all accesories and changing the red shirt to dark purple.
We changed the background to gray too!

Too drastic? Watch the video tomorrow!
The video tutorial will be up tomorrow!