Oct 16, 2008

2008 Fall/Winter Looks

Christian Dior
Their fall collection focuses on a French inspired groomed fashionista.
Bare neutral makeup that contours the eye with nude colours, properly groomed with light eyebrows and natural lip colour.
Go for nude colours with bronzer to contour your face and very light cream/beige apparel.

MAC cult of Cherry
A start contrast with Dior, MAC's Cult of Cherry delve into the bare concept of cherries.
Rich, sweet, overflowing with exotic temptations.
Rich and dark lips with bold eyes with a hint of slight romantic goth.
Black lace apparel and dark dressing is the way to go.. Suits the fair.

Estee Lauder
Safe choice for corporate ladies..
Rich red juicy lips with gold accesories.
Herbivorous eye colours and thick groomed brows.
Replace your pink blusher with something brown based or bronzer.

Bobbi Brown
The essense of natural makeup, Bobbi Brown..
A hint of pink at the cheeks with brown matte lips.
A little touch of purple at the eyes and thick eyebrows.
sigh.. looks like thick eyebrows are back.

Shu Uemura
Look at the eyes.. what a touch of art!!
Plenty of layering with matt and shimmery eyeshadow that blends out towards the brow, nose and the cheek.
Glossy lips without lipliner..
Not for the normal day out though.. nice for a shoot... Clubbing.. hmm..maybe?

A pretty nude look.. Under eye slight blending of neutral shading. Eyeshadow to enhance the eyelid crease.
Clean groomed lighr brows.
Flawless face is the trick here.
Nude lips with a touch of gloss.

Minimalist Armani draws attention to the eyes with a strong smoky eyeshadow that blends right up to the almost non-existent brows.
Nude lips.. I don't see how this will work for tanned people.. Most of the works here won't.

This is a perfect balance of eyes vs lips.
Red lips with nude eyes.
Nude lips with smokey eyes.