Sep 15, 2008

Walk like a Model

Want to look sexy when you walk?

  • Make sure you choose and use the right shoe. Make sure you feel comfortable when you are walking. If your not used to heels, start off with a 2 inch heel.
  • Stand like a supermodel. Get your posture right. Throw your shoulders back and push your pelvis slightly forward. DO NOT HUNCH!
  • Train to walk by placing the ball of your heels down first and keep your weight balanced on your heel. This allows you to walk more elegantly.
  • Walk with one foot in front of another, literary. Toes should face forward. NOT side ways. Walk straight. Check if your foot prints form a single line. It gives your body a characteristic swing.
  • Make your stride look long by lifting your legs. Lift your legs a distance from the ground by bending your knee. Do not makes your strides too large because it will look ungrateful and awkward but DO NOT TAKE BABY STEPS.
  • Keep your head up and your chin still. When you turn, make sure your head be the last to turn.
  • Do not curl your fingers to much. If not you would have no fingers.
The last and most important tip is making sure that you create your own walking style by injecting your own personality into your walk. By doing so, you will look different from others and it will be unique.

So, start practicing.