Sep 11, 2008

Sexy Moves for the NightClub!

  • We are no Beyonce or Britney, we do not have dance coaches that gives us lessons everyday.
  • Therefore when we hit the clubs, some of us look bored and drink the night through.. some of us make minimal moves... of course there are some that can really move.
  • But if you find that you need help in this area, going to a dance school may not help as the steps you learn there may not be applicable in a Club!

  • There are plenty of lessons in Youtube, Hiphop..break dance.. shuffle.. but for us girls.. there are very little that we can find to improve our body language in the club..
  • We have stumbled upon a gem among the haystack...

    Nightclub Dance:
    Girls Night Out!

    Nightclub Dance :
    Sexy Moves for the Club

  • Now, we did some CIA investigation.. and we pulled off a HUGE morgue folder of their dance lessons..
  • Here are they .. free :

  • Sexy Moves for the Club preview

    Another Sexy Moves for the Club preview

    Sexy Moves for the Club rehearsal

  • Girls Night Out Preview

Girls Night Out Rehearsal

What do you think? Feeling excited?
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