Sep 2, 2008

Make up Tutorials : Aboywearingmakeup

  • BlushBerry presents to you the most outrageous, friendliest, craziest make up artist that we LOVE.
  • We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  • First of all, let me be clear on something, in BlushBerry there is no such thing as all our models MUST be THIN, PRETTY, VOLUPTIOUS.
    Everyone can be beautiful. If you are not beautiful, it just means that you are lazy.
    Put some effort into it and you can be GORGEOUS!
  • We do not feature branded make up or apparel. We do not feature only the beautiful in our Daily Hot Babe.
  • At BlushBerry, we want to be different from magazines, which only makes you feel BAD.
    We want to make you feel right at home with us girls!
  • So if you have a grudge against us averages, leave now! With a little work, we can be prettier than you!
  • and with that, I present to you our featured make up artist of the day.

  • Mathieu Francis, also infamously known as A Boy Wearing Make up
  • Currently in a series in which is banned from Malaysia.
    I wanted to curse now but i cant or i'll break my sponsors deal.
  • When I emailed Mathieu seeking for the permission to feature him, I was pleasantly surprised at his warm and eccentric reply that send me head over heels all over him!
  • His contract with WB caused him to halt his youtube uploads, but you girls can still see him at WB website, if you are not from Malaysia that is. Anyway, if you go to the website nevertheless, they have asked us to pledge this to the government. HA. HA

  • If you view his youtube channel, you won't be able to leave his channel without a hint of smile on your lips.. haha
  • One more thing, do not underestimate Mathieu, he knows more than 50 of us girls put together ok!!

Here are some of his videos, enjoy them... courtesy of BlushBerry and Mathieu...

For those who lack cleavage... you can be a lil hardworking.. like Mathieu

and of course, the classic BombShell look

for us girls who put everything and anything in our handbags, its kinda weird having Mathieu teach us what to put in our bags!

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