Sep 3, 2008

2008 Hong Kong Fashion Week

The biggest Fashion Week.. with exhibitors from 21 countries and regions such as China, India, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia and Taiwan all participating in the 2008 Hong Kong Fashion Week.

It was held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre on July 8th til 11th this year.. We missed it, dang!!
In conjunction of this event, a "Young Designer's Award" competition was held...
Champion Guo Huishan receive the award from the international fashion designer from Japan, Sen Trinidad. (not sure if my translation of her name is correct..)

The "Party and Tuxedo" award winner, Liu.

More of Guo Huishan's works..

BlushBerry's Favourites from 2008 Hong Kong Fashion Week.

1. Cecilia Yau
We love the way her gown flows.. so ethereal and soft and misty and elf like...
*falls in love..*

this is the stuff that dreams are made of...
Soft, see-through fabric embroidered with shimmering patterns...
Can't say I agree with the gothic make up too.. Too much of a contrast with the clothes' designs..

A classic dress help up by ribbons and more shimmering fabric that melts our heart.

Her use of see through and transparent fabric screams "SEXY" while still being understated, subtle and soft enough for the most feminine of us!

That's it, we are rushing to get ourselves some transparent cloth to wrap over our skirts/ dresses.. so angelic.

2. Peter Lau
We have always loved the "hot pants + high socks" look.. this is a classic example of what we mean.. the pants are so short they are hiked up almost in a panties' V shape. We love the red pastel colour pallete that doesn't scream "slutty". It downplays the 'hot pants + high socks" ensemble into a classy fashion.

If you see.. the socks are worn OVER the heels.. new trend?
checkered clothes and pants.. wow
just wow.

look at how the pants are hiked up!!
We can do it.. with some safety pins.. so can you!
We definitely adore this look!

Ah.. the classic "cover everything but your thighs look"
Extremely hard to pull off if you are not tall enough..
transparent socks eh...

Seems like Peter love to enhance the length of the waist line.. if you see his creations.. you can see that all their waists seemed long.. it is due to his design..
definitely a blushberry!

3. Hideji
well.. hideji is from japan.. everything screams SHIBUYA!!!
Very bold colours in large scaled compositions..
Let's see.. bright pink with 2 undertones of black and grey.

and this!.. Green with Yellow, shadowed and harmonized by blue and a glint of GOLD.
GOLD. I knew my purchase of gold tights is not a wrong choice!

I can practically imagined this in a manga or anime..
When they are bold, they are really bold..
Now they are exqusite..with an overkill-creative touch.. in my humble personal opinion.

Now this. is a work of art.
Earthy tones.. but oh. so. elegant.
Ah. but the bottom splitted top is very hard to pull off.. only for those with tight and small buttocks!
I love how the gradient works..yellow to pale green to skin colour at the bottom..

... looks like someone just wrapped a cloth around the poor girl and fasten them with a belt

4. Other Notable Fashion Designers
This dress is by Dai Lin Xiong.. See thru fabrics are the IN thing I am telling you!
together with high waisted dresses that reaches the floor.. (Good, we can wear high heels so high no one will know our true height! hehe)