Aug 29, 2008

Make up Tutorials : Panacea

  • Lauren Luke, or more widely known as Panacea in the Youtube Gurus community is a self taught make up artist from South Shields.
  • She uses MAC products very often in her tutorials.
  • She has over 80,000 subscribers in her Youtube Channel and 172 make up tutorials uploaded for the world to watch!
  • Her subscribers constantly send in make up requests to Lauren, and she is kind enough to respond to them by demonstrating her skills on herself.
  • Soon, free products are sent to her from every major cosmetic line hoping for a tutorial that will feature their products.
  • Lauren is so successful that she recently just bagged a deal in creating her very own cosmetic line!
  • She is also making make up tutorials for Barry M's cosmetic line, you can check them out here.

BlushBerry is proud to be given permission to feature her as one of our very first make up artist and tutor.

Personally, we love her for her bubbly personality and amazing make up skills. She is very quick in demonstrating her steps without making any mistakes( a mediocre make up artist will usually fumble around : wiping mistakes, searching for tools or mixing up their instructions).

She makes everything seem so easy for beginners!

Check out some of her best tutorials here!

Leona Lewis Bleeding Love Inspired Make up

Britney Spears Piece of Me Inspired Make up

Amy Winehouse Inspired Make up

This is our personal fave :
Ultra Fresh and Sexy Fall Eyes look with MAC make up

For more of her videos, you can check out her Youtube Channel or her blog.
From now on, we will be featuring her newest tutorial when she uploads them!
Let us know what you think of her tutorials, did they help you? If you have tried them, email us your before and after photo and we will post them up!

Definitely blushberry material!